July 31

Day 123 Just Pete Tentsite to Just Pete Tentsite (17.6 miles) 1644.1 miles total

No, I didn’t just walk in a circle back to same spot I tented last night. Just tenting in another off the grid spot and too lazy to make up a name!


Crossed over top of Stratton Mtn (3936 ft). Last part of it was pretty good climb (1350 ft in 2.3 miles).

This view is from the 55 ft lookout tower at top. You can see the caretaker’s cabin at lower left. Don’t know what caretaker does but he was sawing zzz’s when I went past cabin on trail. Had his door open and you can see how close trail is to cabin.


This view is from same place only looking opposite direction which I think is north.


Below is Stratton Pond. There were a couple hikers swimming there when I went past.


Passed the 75% completion point today! Will be fewer than 500 miles to go in a few days.

Couple climbs tomorrow. Will go over Bromley Mtn ski area.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “July 31

  1. Great shots! Wow, over 27 mikes today. Super job Just Pete. Will you have a welcoming committee awaiting your arrival??


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