August 10

Day 133 Mt Cube Tentsite to NH 25 (14.4 miles)) 1791.1 miles total

400 miles to go! If all goes well I hope to summit Katahdin September 7…just in time for NFL opening night! 4 weeks…100 miles/week.


Was a bit foggy down below this AM. I’m at 2900 ft.


About half way through today’s hike I came across a gravel road. Pickup parked there with a bunch of water and juice in plastic jugs. Looks like trail magic but no one around. I loitered to no avail.

Less than 1/4 mile up trail I come across…The Omelet Man. He’s got a tarped in kitchen going on.

He had read a book about the trail. Was fascinated by trail magic concept. Retired last year. Now is out here every day during hiking season from 8AM until 7 or 8PM.


He has water, juice, cookies, candy, and makes omelets. Lots of them! Ham, onion, green pepper and however many eggs you want. I had 3. Another guy had 6!


He even has a banana tree!



Spending night in my tent at Hikers Welcome Hostel about 1/4 mile from trail. They have bunk rooms, shower, privy, and a small, honor system snacks and soda area.

Met a trail legend. Grey Beard is trying to become oldest thru-hiker at 82. Cool guy. Talked with him for a while. 37 years US Navy.


Tomorrow is 9 miles to North Woodstock. It’s only 9 miles but a tough 9 miles. Up one side and down the other of a big mountain.

Happy trails!


7 thoughts on “August 10

  1. Omelet Man is Awesome!!
    Grey Beard sure doesn’t look 82 but I guess hiking can keep you young & fit.
    As you approach the final stage stay focused & don’t push it..
    Keep on Truckin!!


  2. Hooray for trail magic, wonderful. I see you have an expected finish date. Please don’t rush these miles now while you are in the mountains. I am sure you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I know I am!! Take care of yourself and keep safe. By the way, Gray Beard looks pretty good for his age. Adhere to Dave’s message to you. Love You, MOM


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