August 11

Day 134 NH 25 to Kinsman Notch (9.3 miles) 1800.4 miles total
Strong thunderstorm last night. Rained pretty hard for a bit.

Walking toward the light.

Wicked hard climb to top of Mt Mooslauke. As hard to climb as spell! 3800 ft up in 5.5 miles. That’s climbing. There was no down…all up.

First above tree line action.

Got a bit cool and windy on top.

Dartmouth Outdoor Club maintains this section of trail. They win the prize for nicest signs.

Once again wishing I knew what peaks I”m looking at. There should be an app for that!

The descent was 2500 ft in 3.8 miles. I go almost as fast uphill as down because I don’t fall (so far) going up.

This down was nasty. Very wet and rocky. Not a good combo. Slipped and fell on my butt 6 times. Tweaked my left knee and bruised my ego. Discovering my slow gear doesn’t work well.

Hiked down beside water I pic below. Started as a trickle. Waterfall most of way down. Ended up as river at bottom.

Finally made it down alive. Got picked up very quickly by Scott and Leslie, a really nice couple from coastal Maine up doing some hiking.

Drove me right to hotel. While getting my stuff out, I realized didn’t have my walking stick. I get comments daily on the stick. Kind of my identity. Just today guy said he’d heard about hiker with nice stick…me!

Scott asked how long I’d had stick. Told him every mile. “Get in and let’s go get it”. Drove 5 miles back up Mtn. Stick was sitting against post, right where I had set it. Thanks so much, Scott and Leslie!

Not sure about tomorrow. Knee is pretty sore right now. Stiffened up as evening went on. Have I told you falling sucks?!!

Happy trails!

9 thoughts on “August 11

  1. Thank goodness there’s people like Scott & Leslie. If you were in VT 1-the homeless looking guy would not have gotten a ride & 2-if he did and then you realized you left your stick they would have said sorry..
    Take care of the knee
    Keep on Truckin!!


  2. Whoa — that’s a hardcore elevation gain and descent…not surprised you’re feeling beat-up!

    Best wishes on your knee healing up quickly. And what a nice couple to pick you up AND to take you back to find your stick… I bet you’re pretty attached to that walking-stick as it’s been your faithful companion the whole trip. That’ll be a great memento to hang on your wall in remembrance of the Great A.T. Hike of 2017.

    Take care, Pete!


  3. What did I tell you about watching your footing? Hope you’re feeling better today and the knee loosened up a bit. Motor on Just Pete!


  4. Probably time to take a zero anyway. Sounds like drier weather headed your way, hopefully that pans out. The only thing that can stop you now is injury so rest up for good weather. You’ve got time and better terrain to make up the miles after the Whites. Perhaps flanker instead of split?


  5. I continue to be impressed with all the friendly and gracious people you are meeting along the way. I’m sure Scott and Leslie will receive a “pay it forward” gesture in their future!! Still amazed at the Trail Magic episodes.


  6. Love the stories, Scott and Leslie rock! Hope the peak apps are just what you are looking for, and hope you knee is non-problematic.


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