August 23

Day 146 Mt Success Tentsite to Mahoosuc Notch Tentsite (8.3 miles) 1914.5 miles total

Another rough day. Don’t know if it’s because trail is still really difficult or something else. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

New Hampshire tortures you tight to the bitter end. Had to go up these rocks.


Finally made Maine. Final state!


Yeah, we’re going up there. Goose Eye Mtn West Peak.


Maine doesn’t exactly begin easily. They have rocks, too. Went down these rocks. Shortly after that walking on a narrow path ground gave way and tumbled down about 3′.
Didn’t get hurt but was laying on my back(pack) for a few minutes. Like a turtle flipped over on it’s shell.


Going up there, too. Goose Eye Mtn East Peak. Very boggy around here. Floating mud. Stepped on what a thought was a log. Sunk into muck over my ankle. Some places this crap is 12″ deep.


Stopped to tent just short of Mahoosuc Notch, according to guidebook, the most difficult or fun mile of the trail. Major boulder field. Takes people 2 hours to cross this mile. Doesn’t sound like fun to me!


Happy trails!

9 thoughts on “August 23

  1. Sure wish this trail would ease up on you! One foot in front of the other and you will get there – getting closer everyday. LAST STATE!! Love you!


  2. Ditto Brooke’s comment! I was hoping it’d get easier on you too. Hang in there Jeff and hopefully smoother or at least rock free trails in the rest of Maine!


  3. Sounds like your turtle shell cushioned your fall 🙂 Hopefully you enjoyed your “rest” from a new perspective.
    And yes, you ARE a pillar of health in spite of your aches and pains! Last state sounds like the home stretch, even if there are more rocks.
    Keep on keepin’ on!
    Susan and Bob


  4. I am seeing way to many rock climbs and mountain tops for a hiking trial! Way back when it sounds like they were planning an obstacle course. Geez not much thought for the older hikers. Keep trailing, to close to the finish to stop now. Just drag the leg! LOL


  5. Getting a “good” idea of all the original visitors to this great country. Very thankful to all our ancestors for their contributions in making our journeys through the U.S. easier (except when I’m only moving 2 mph to my destination – like right now! Be proud of your accomplishments and thanks for sharing. Cheers!


  6. I know how happy you must be to know that your are nearing the end. My advice is to take your time and don’t push it. Your pictures are always so good. Everyone enjoys them. Your SDM followers are always wondering where you are so today I read your blog to Virgil’s mom and she prays for you every day. They are certainly cheering for you all the way. Take care of yourself, stay safe. Love from, MOM


  7. I just finished Grandma Gatewood’s Walk. Can you believe she did the Trail multiple times for “fun”?
    Hang in there- you are truly an inspiration to the rest of us that wish we were doing it!!!


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