August 24

Day 147 Mahoosuc Notch Tentsite to East B Hill Rd (18.4 miles) 1932.9 miles

Made good mileage today but it took a while. Hiked for 12 hours so I could get to a road to hitch into Andover, ME.

Mahoosuc Notch began almost as soon as I started shortly after 6AM. When God created the world, I think it got late on day 6 and he had a bunch of boulders left. This is where he got rid of them.

Terrain was pretty much like below for 1 mile. Up pile of boulders, down other side, repeat…again and again.


I don’t know if it was toughest mile of trail but I do know it wasn’t the most fun!

Had to take my pack off to crawl through a couple crevices like below.


The amount of rock climbing/mountaineering since the beginning of the Whites has surprised me. If you want to simulate at home put a chair and a table about 2 or 3 feet apart and a couple feet from a counter. Step on to chair, then table and then counter. Go back down. Keep repeating for an hour and a half. If you want a little more reality, water them down. Guaranteed to build thighs of steel.

Took another 2 hrs to go next 1.5 miles up Mahoosuc Arm.


After that it gradually became more like hiking. Was even able to move at 2+ miles per hour for a few stretches. That’s more my style.

Speck Pond below.


The lack of wildlife in VT, NH, and now ME is still quite eerie. Saw a grouse (I think) today. Biggest animal, other than a few turkeys, I’ve seen for a while.


Hoping to see a moose somewhere in ME. They say best odds are to be by pond at sunrise/sunset.


Staying at hostel tonight. I have private room with TV so happy camper.

Planning to meet Gang Grey, a bad ass motorcycle gang out of NJ., tomorrow. Actually a group of friends from Lake Hopatcong who are in ME on a bike trip. Meeting for lunch so will get a little extra rest which will be good after long day today.

Had to face the fact that I won’t finish Sept 7. Very difficult for me to admit won’t happen but it’s virtually mathematically impossible. Sucks but now shooting for Sept 9.

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “August 24

  1. Gang Grey…… Love it!!!!!
    The 7th or the 9th, I know it’s disappointing but heck after all this time the light is truely at the end of the tunnel and your finishing in 1 piece is more important then time.
    Enjoy your visit with Gang Grey and take care of yourself…..
    Keep on Truckin!!!


  2. Don’t be discouraged about the revised finishing date! It is a major accomplishment Just Pete๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Hopefully you’ve left the rocks behind. Great scenery as usual. How cool to meet up eithmive pals along the way. ENJOY!


  3. So beautiful! Always fun to meet up with friends from home along the way. I will add that ditty to my work out routine, sounds fun… NOT! You are a true inspiration to me, Pete! Don’t be disappointed by date change, what you’ve accomplished is amazing. Nothing like your own home, but it will be still waiting for you two days later. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Be safe my friend! TBone


  4. Always enjoy the sardonic humor! And the great photos. That is a beautiful Spruce Grouse [better than a Spruce Goose to this bird seeker]. I’ve not seen one [had to look it up], but I’m not going to fight the rocks and boulders of the AT to do so. Again, kudus to you, and I hope you get to see the moose!


  5. Susan is right, Spruce Grouse, and not a Ruffled Grouse. We have the original Spruce Goose here in Oregon! (McMinnville)


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