August 26

Day 149 Old Blue Mtn Tentsite to Little Swift River Pond Campsite (18.5 miles) 1964.6 miles total

Last night was my first close encounter with a large animal since I got stampeded by cows a few months ago. Heard loud steps moving in my direction. Got my full attention right away. Had flashlight, whistle, and knife at the ready. Initially figured bear or moose. As it got closer, steps sounded more deliberate and graceful than a bear. It turned and headed down mtn about 30 yds away. Pretty sure a moose.

Hiked most of AM towards a large lake. Name is really long Mahoos something or other. Very large, pretty mountain lake. 

You can see here where there has been logging. See quite a few logging trucks up here but this is the first time I’ve really seen a harvested area.

Terrain was much more normal today. Actually was hiking vs rock climbing…which is nice!

Ran into some awesome trail magic about 1PM. Burgers, chips, cookies, cokes, water, and a chair with a back. Doesn’t get much better than that. Retired couple (can’t remember names) who come out a couple times per week just because they enjoy the reaction and appreciation of hikers. So cool.

Nice view of Lake Mahooswhatever. Met a lady from VA here who was waiting to meet her husband who is thru-hiking. She’s sherpa’ing him through ME.

Had a nice conversation later in the day with 3 day hikers who have second homes in Rangely. Gave me a granola bar and some nuts. People are really eager to offer any assistance they can when they realize you’ve hiked 1960 miles!

110 miles to Monson.  

Happy trails!

One thought on “August 26

  1. An “almost” moose sighting!!! You had hoped for that one. Love the trail magic! Maybe you’ll provide some next year somehow?? Any yes, 1,900 plus miles deserved a reward👍👍👍👍
    The end is near😄


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