August 27

Day 150 Little Swift River Campsite to ME 4, Rangeley, ME (4.8 miles) 1969.4 miles total

Decided to take a Nero today. Able to get into Rangeley by noon so almost like a zero as far as rest, etc.

Starting to see a tree with fall colors now and then.

Had heard lots of good things about Rangeley, a resort town on Lake Rangeley. Hitched ride with Easy Going and another hiker. 2 little old ladies picked us up and drove us 9 miles to town.

View from my motel room. Got to watch some golf. 

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 27

  1. A good break for you. I love it when you tell about the trail magic. What a great thing for people to do. The Vikings and 49er’s had an exciting game. Vikes won 32-31 in the last second. Enjoyed Storybook Land with the littles on Sat. Jay and Teresa and Hilary too. Noticed the fall colors in your blog today. You may notice more of that as you finish. Beautiful pictures again. Did NOT like the moose story. Stay safe, take care. Love You, MOM


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