October 12

Day 32 post-hike!

Today Kris and I were able to deliver an envelope to K9’s For Warriors that was stuffed with $23,700 worth of checks.  Awesome enough that we’re going to be able to sponsor a K9.  Get to name him/her (“Blaze” after white blazes denoting trail…good one, Kerri), follow progress through training and attend graduation.  How cool is that!

Thanks to all of you who have sent in your pledges.  Friendly reminder to those who haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Checks are rolling in at all 3 of the charities I hiked for.  We should end up raising more than $63,000!  You should have heard from me regarding your contribution.  If you haven’t, please let me know.

Things are pretty much back to normal.  Been walking the golf course a couple times a week.  I tell myself it’s a 7-mile slack pack…that you can get beer in the middle of.  I loved days like that just a couple months ago!

Working to put back on some of the 25 lbs I lost.  Physically I feel pretty good.  Feet are still sore but getting better.  Pinky that I dislocated is swollen and a bit store.  I went out for a run for the first time post-hike on Tuesday.  Knees hurt so bad, I only made it a block.  That was a tad bit frustrating!  They feel fine other than when I tried to run.  Guessing they’re probably a tad bit worn out yet.

Thanks once again to all for your support on this trek and for your generous contributions to the charities I hiked for.  You are helping good charities do good things!

K9's For Warriors

15 thoughts on “October 12

  1. You certainly accomplish something to be very proud of, Jeff.  You also brought back a few fun memories. When my son was in Middle School I chaperoned a group that hiked the trail for a day around the Kent CT area for a day…something I’ve never forgotten.   Thanks so much for allowing us to be part of your adventure!

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  2. Saw the subject line and thought you took off again to do the North to South trek!

    Glad you are home, believe we sent our check to you and you probably already acknowledged. Only holler if you have not received as we sent out several weeks ago.

    Great job for great causes!


  3. Thanks for the update, Pete. Glad to hear you’re recovering OK from your hike/ordeal. Yeah, I bet a walk around the golf course seems like small potatoes now!

    Congrats on all the money you raised for good causes. That was an extraordinary 5+ months you went through and you’ve joined an elite (and crazy) club. Well done, old friend!

    Best to you and the whole family.


  4. Slack packin & beer ?! Life is good!!
    Some more of that & your knees will be back soon.
    Awesome news on the K9 front!!
    Enjoy the zero days my friend you deserve all of them…
    Love to you both from the 2 of us💜


  5. That is great. Did my check come in time? How about Mulligan for a name for the dog or how about Traveler since you and he or she have done and will be doing lots of that

    We just got home today. See you on the range

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  6. The idea behind the name Mulligan is that the dog would be giving the retrieving soldier a 2 nd shot together

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  7. So awesome Pete! Thanks for including all of us on this wonderful adventure😍 Thanks for all you’ve done for the various charities! Love to you, Kris and the girls and oh yes Blaze😍😍❤️❤️


  8. You did great – glad you are home and resting, despite the minor ailments – Golf is good!
    Thanks for letting us know about the donations. $63K is amazing!


  9. The celebrity, our very own, now trying to return to a normal life…not sure that is easy, after a successful completion of such an incredible feat! I think some pool therapy is probably helping those overused and abused body parts. Enjoy all your freedom!


  10. Ditto Dave. He always takes the words right outta my mouth! Love to you,Kris and the girls from both of us. Crap! Dave already said that too, didn’t he


  11. Pete,

    An amazing goal/accomplishment!

    Really enjoyed following you on the trail! Amazing views of the countryside along the appalachian trail, it was as if we were walking there
    with you!!!!! Not!

    Had a good visit with your folks, after we got them to open their door!!! Thanks for calling them!!!

    Take care!


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