Hi!  Long time…no talk.

I’ve got some exciting news.  During last year’s AT hike we raised $28,000 for K9s For Warriors.  Because of your generous support, we were afforded the opportunity to sponsor a dog.

Meet Blaze!!


Blaze (named for the white blazes which mark the AT…thanks Kerri Peterson) has just begun his training at the K9s For Warriors kennel.  They use rescue dogs which have been carefully selected by their trainers.

Blaze will eventually be paired with a veteran and provide companionship and support in assisting his Warrior to overcome the invisible wounds of war.

As for Just Pete, I’m getting ready for another long distance hike…really never thought that would come out of my mouth a year ago!  In May I will be hiking approximately 800 miles along the Camino de Santiago through Spain and Portugal.

There are 100’s of different routes to hike “the Camino”.  I will be taking the Northern Way across the coast of Northern Spain and down to Santiago de Compostela.  From there I plan to hike the Finisterre Way to “the end of the world” and then continue on the Camino of the Lighthouses, ending in Ponteceso on Spain’s western coast.  I will then return to Santiago de Compostela (hopefully not by foot) and head south to Porto, Portugal via the Portuguese Coastal Camino.

It will be very different than the AT.  Much of the hike will be along the coast so should be beautiful, but different, scenery.  I plan to carry a tent but the trails go through many seafront towns with hostels…and food…and beer.  Most importantly, I am hoping to not have any big falls due to this terrain being less severe than that of the AT.

I will work on getting the web site updated with more detailed information on this trail as we get closer.

I also owe you the final video from last summer’s hike.  There’s some mental part of me that hasn’t wanted to end it but it’s now time to get onto the next adventure.

Thanks once again to everyone for your support.  I hope you’ll follow along again next summer.

Go Blaze!!



11 thoughts on “Blaze

  1. Wow, that’s exciting Jeff. Bill and I are looking forward to dinner next Friday and hearing all about this past summer and NEXT summer!! Fantastic stuff – do it while you can is our motto. Xo mary

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  2. Only 800 miles?? That’s barely worth getting loose for?

    Did you happen to hit your head last year in one of your falls?

    Jim Marshall, defensive end for Vikings in early 70’s NEVER worked out in the off season.
    He was once asked why he nevered worked out? His reply, “there is only so much tread on a tire”!!!

    Sounds interesting! Good way to see first hand the countryside!

    Will Kris be driving a car along your trail?


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  3. Welcome Blaze!! Good job Kerri 👍

    I’m still looking at my schedule next June Jeff and trying to figure how I could join you on some portion!! I know Kris plans on meeting you at some point.

    We’re so proud of your accomplishments 👌👌

    I’ll look forward also to your closure of AT and final video.


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  4. Awesome brother.
    You going to take the dog with you? Stop and get some great Sangria!
    I’ve been following your career, I think you could break 4.5 in the 40!
    Good luck. No doubt in my mind you will succeed!
    This Bud’s for you!

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  5. Hey Jeff!!! This is so exciting! You are very special to sponsor Blaze. Enjoy it. Blaze is so cute! He (she?) will bring happiness and joy to the warrior in need…

    Wow, another hike!!! You’re hooked!!!! I figured you’d become a trail angel – not hike another trail.

    IS anyone joining you on this hike? 800 miles sounds like a cake walk compared to the AT. LOL You are a true inspiration, Jeff. I fully support your efforts and look forward to the posts. It will be beautiful and, as you mentioned, hopefully a lot safer!

    Take care, my friend! Thanks for the email!

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