Adam and Blaze Graduation

Kris and I were thrilled and honored to attend the graduation ceremony for Blaze and Adam last evening.

Adam is a Veteran of the US Army and a super nice young man who was so very appreciative of the role we (everyone who donated to my AT hike and everyone who followed along) played in uniting him with Blaze.

Adam and Blaze

Blaze is a super cool hound dog/lab mix…they think!  For you older folks, he reminded me of the Clampett’s hound in Beverly Hillbillies and should be a perfect fit at home with Adam in KY.


We, with friends Art and Janice Hayden, were able to meet with Adam and Blaze as well as Adam’s family before the ceremony.  Pretty emotional for all of us.


It is so rewarding to see the results of your donations and support up close and personal. We rescued Blaze from a shelter and your support will cover all vet bills, etc. forever.

adam and fam

We also provided a valuable tool to help Adam and his family move forward with his rehabilitation.

I have been waffling on whether to raise donations again next summer on the Camino. Last night decided it.

How about we sponsor another K9 and Warrior? I can do the walking and I’ll try to blog regularly…

I hope you are all proud of the good we did for K9’s For Warriors, Sun Dial Manor, and Down Syndrome. I know that I am very proud of you.

On behalf of Blaze, Adam and his family, and Kris and myself….Thanks so much. You are amazing.

Happy Trails.

Just Pete

18 thoughts on “Adam and Blaze Graduation

  1. Hey Pete. That is really awesome. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Bill McG

    Best regards,


    Bill McGrath
    Sr. Mgr. Trade Relations
    Ferring Pharmaceuticals
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  2. I’m there too Jeff! So DAMNED proud of you and your extraordinary efforts👍 I hope my 2019 European travel times work out that I might join you on a portion of the Camino 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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    1. I am thinking of starting Camino del Norte latish May and will be hiking for about 8 weeks. Kris will probably meet me in Ponte Vedra, Spain and town hop to Porto (where I plan to finish. You can join anywhere.


  3. So awesome! Appreciate you sharing the story. I’m totally in for the next opportunity…you never cease to amaze and inspire, Jeff! Happy Holidays to you, Chris and the family.

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  4. You are amazing, Pete! This is a fantastic story to tell! I am so thrilled to see the Blaze’s new journey. He will be a great companion for the entire family. Thank you for sharing and keeping us informed!! I am ready to donate to your next adventure!! Can’t wait to read about it. On this upcoming holiday, I am THANKFUL for you! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

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  5. Thanks for sending the update on Blaze and Adam. Very heart warming to see the result of your AT hike and all your followers!

    Next trip sounds pretty neat and scenic!!

    Count MJ and Carlton in on your next endeavor!


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