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Yesterday we booked my flight to Madrid, Spain for May 20.  I should begin hiking about the 23rd.  Preparation is gearing up as it’s now beginning to get real.

My main goal on this hike is get in at least 810 miles.  Add that to the 2,190 of the AT and I’ll be over 3,000 miles of long-distance hiking.

I’m still kind of tinkering with my route.  If you know anything about the Camino de Santiago, I will probably be hiking portions of 5 different Caminos.  I’ll add more info on the Caminos to website over the next couple months.

I’d like to invite you to join with me in preparing for this hike.  How, you may ask.  To start, take 3 minutes to read the article linked below (or skip to cliff note below that).


Gist of it is that push-ups are good for you and that the more you can do, the better.  Not exactly rocket science but makes sense to me and will help my physical preparation.  I immediately decided that I was going to set a goal of being able to do 50 push-ups by May 20.

Now, for your part, I’ll only ask 2 things of you:

  1.  Set a goal for yourself to achieve by May 20.  Push-ups would be a good thing.  If you can’t do push-ups, sit in a chair and hold your legs out in front of you for a certain amount of time.  I don’t care what you do, how you do what you do, or how many you do of what you do.  Just do something!  Make it a goal that you have to work to achieve.  I will tell you that I just maxed out at 27 push-ups a half-hour ago and my goal is to be at 50.  I will have to be committed to that goal to make it.
  2. Share that goal with someone.  That is probably one of the biggest reasons I was able to hike the AT.  I told people…lots of people…that I was going to do it.  You have a much greater chance of reaching your goal if someone else knows what it is.  I don’t care who you tell about your goal, just tell someone.  I just told you mine..You can tell me yours if you want.  I’ll just warn you in advance that, if you tell me, there’s a strong possibility that I’ll tell you that your goal should be higher and I’ll also hold you accountable along the way.  Just keepin’ it real.

I’ll give you until Feb 20 to set your goal.  Then 2 months of work to achieve it.  Some times we don’t reach our goal.  Who cares?  It’s about the effort.  Get into the game and challenge yourself.

It won’t take more than a few minutes of time each day to do some push-ups.  How can getting a little exercise and having a goal to strive for possibly be bad for you.  Just sayin…

Just Pete

14 thoughts on “Just Pete…Just Saying

  1. My goal is to lower my A1C to 7 or below starting today. It was 8.2 today and that is too high. The only way I can check it is with lab work so I won’t know for a few months if I reached the goal, but I am going to try. I will also do leg ups every day. I for sure do them on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we have exercises at the community center. Is there an easier push up to do?

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  2. Pete! Love that you’re doing “goal-sharing” and encouraging others to do the same!
    As you well know … it works. And sent this to a friend who did the same trip (you and I once discussed this) He may have some route/detail input.

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  3. I began and accountability and clean eating program right after the Super Bowl. You are absolutely correct. You need to tell someone and push yourself. At my age, it’s more about health than anything, and my cholesterol and BP are loving it. An hour of cardio a day has renewed my energy levels, and my scale is my new friend. What a great idea. I look forward to following your adventure again. Are you doing any fund raising? We are glad to support any worthy causes…


  4. Looking forward to your hiking updates, maybe some PCT in 2020? Was doing 30 to 40 pushups every am but hurt shoulder in December (sking fall) so can only do a couple in pain now but will get to 50 as soon as shoulder allows. Been shoveling too much snow lately which has not helped!


  5. Sorry I can’t join in Brooke and Kerri’’s 100 push-ups. I’ll work on increasing my daily steps total.
    Hey Jeff, I’m still waiting for your final AT video.


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