Day 0 Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port

Planes, trains, automobiles, and buses. I made it to my starting point!

Only one bad experience on the way here. I had to give up my walking stick that was with me every step of the AT. I was charged $100 to check it on Norwegian Air in Orlando. That was bad but I paid. When I got to London and changed airlines Easy Jet was going to charge me another $60. That really irked me because I knew I would face the same situation on return flights. I left it in London. I’m bummed but will survive!

Spent last night in Madrid. Train this morning to Pamplona and then bus to SJPDP. 

Probably 30 pilgrims (hikers) on the bus. Some have really large packs. I thought mine would be considered large since carrying tent but looks like it’s about average. 

SJPDP is a neat little alpine town that is filled with hikers. It’s just across the border into Spain.  

I am tenting in the community campground. It’s a few hundred yards from the beginning of trail. 

Tomorrow I will go over the Pyrenees. Snowed there Monday and (Mom, stop reading) they had to rescue someone up there. 

Anxious to get going!

Happy trails!!

17 thoughts on “Day 0 Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port

  1. Should have called John when you were in London. He could have salvaged your stick and held it for you until your return. You have to learn to network.


  2. SJ is a neat little town and a great starting point. You will love tomorrow. Hardest day on the trail with every kind of weather imaginable in one day. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Tripod, a young guy we met from Boston, literally hiking with a tripod, thus the name, nearly died on his first fateful day lost in a snow storm 3 years prior but returned for a second attempt. I’m happy to say we shared many a day on trail with him. And yes, he did shed his tripod.

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  3. Hi Pete! It’s Laure Ragans…living each day vicariously through you!!!!! Very very cool. I remember you talking about this trail while sitting outside with a cold beer in hand during your AT trek.
    How gratifying to be fulfilling your dreams. Be well and keep the faith!

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