Day 1 SJPDP to Esperil 18 miles (18 miles total)

Cold, damp night in tent. I was eager to hear the birds start chirping. So eager that I was walking at 7AM!  

The climb out of SJPDP is as advertised. Tough. You gain 900meters elevation in the first 7.5 kilometers. Trust me when I say that is steep. I consider a 10% grade to be steep and this was 12%.

Most of the land on the north slope of the Pyrenees is pastureland. Cows, horses, and sheep. Very few trees.

The saving grace on the 12+ mile climb to top was that most of it was paved roads. That steep and long with rocks thrown in would be impossible for all but a select few crazies.

The 14 on the road is 14 kilometers. Note how steep that still is. It was among the least steep!  Stopped to take the picture so I could rest and try to talk pony into giving me a ride. He obviously didn’t speak English!

For profit trail magic at the perfect time…1 mile from top! 

Last 1/2 mile to top. At this point I was Just About Dead Pete!

A rancher’s emergency shelter near the top.

The other side of the mountain. Some trees and a gradual descent.

Feel pretty good about 18 miles today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. 
Happy trails (or, as they say here, Buen Camino)!!

8 thoughts on “Day 1 SJPDP to Esperil 18 miles (18 miles total)

  1. Wow?  18 miles is alot.  Don’t get to close to those cows and sheep … that cow looks look a little lonely.  Rick

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  2. Oh yay, I am so glad you are done with that part. I hope you had enough warm clothes being it was damp and cold. The pictures are very nice. A cute little pony too. Sunny here today and we are planning to go to the lake on Tuesday for a week. Love You. MOM

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  3. Welcome back Just Pete!! . I’m so excited to share this adventure with you. Wow, Trail magic costs in Spain😕. I wonder if you’ll meet up with any AT friends.
    Adios mi amigo. See you mañana!!


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