Day 3 Irun 0 miles (40 miles total)

Rested up a bit today. A tad sore and stiff but feeling pretty good overall. 

Was able to do some laundry. Quite complicated with the language thing but got ‘er done. 
So I ran into a couple guys in a bar…Don’t you love it when a story starts like that. Almost as good as “Watch this. Hold my beer.”!
Anyway, their English equaled my Spanish but they were able to communicate that there was a big handball game going to begin soon nearby.  I had nothing else to do so…

It was crazy. Irun vs some team from Madrid. Packed house. I got standing room only ticket. 

I’ve seen glimpses of this during Olympics but never really payed attention. Elements of several different sports. 
Soccer (football)…Time counts up (vs down in Basketball). That’s really the only similarity there. They actually score goals.  Lots of them. 
Basketball… They dribble (sometimes) but traveling is hardly ever called. You can fast break any time. 
Lacrosse… Lots of physicality. Goalie gets shots rifled (thrown) at them from close range. 
Hockey…They have line changes. 
I have no clue about the rules but it was a blast. “We” won 28-25. I was able to join in on the team song. Tune was “Take me home country road”. I sang that. No idea words the other 8,000 folks were singing!
Supposed to rain for next 3-4 days and then a couple days of sun. Scenery coming up should be incredible. We’ll be spending lots of time along the coast. 
Happy trails and buen Camino!

One thought on “Day 3 Irun 0 miles (40 miles total)

  1. What a fun experience!! Hopefully they were impressed with your singing. Looking forward to next updates. What does Basque trail magic consist of??


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