Day 2 Espinal to Pamplona 22 miles (40 miles total)

Espinal is a small town with homes that look like they are from the Austrian Alps.

Stayed in a very nice home for $15. Lady who managed it spoke less English than my Spanish. Took a while and lots of laughing but we figured it out!

It had rained during the night and misted all morning making the trail a bit slick. Add on to that the fact that I was determined to make Pamplona today and you have the perfect recipe for a fall(s).

I tried to be very cautious in any rocky area. I even sidestepped down this paved area. I’m sure it’s nice on a dry day but very slippery today. 

Big fan of this river crossing methodology. 

We are in Basque country. Not really sure what that signifies but I’ve been told some of their Spanish words are a bit different from rest of country. I hadn’t noticed!!

On the bus ride from Pamplona I had seen people walking beside road here and thought it looked a bit dangerous. It was.  I had to hit the ditch twice. 

Name that crop. I say sorghum but that’s my “go to” answer when I haven’t a clue. 

This was taken just before Pamplona. New hat but same shirt and shorts. You’ll see my green shirt shortly!  Feel a bit naked without my walking stick. Also, I’m really not that fat. It’s the pack!!

Got to Pamplona shortly before 3 and caught bus to Irun (starting point for Camino del Norte). 

I am tired and a bit sore even though no falls. My reward for making Pamplona in 2 days is a zero day tomorrow. 

Happy trails. Buen Camino.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 Espinal to Pamplona 22 miles (40 miles total)

  1. I enjoyed your post this morning and also happy that I know you are having a zero day today. The scenery is beautiful. Didn’t care for the part where you had to hit the ditch!! Take care, stay safe. Love You, MOM


  2. Spanish in the Basque region represents the difference between Aragonese and Castellano, which is the Spanish spoken in most of Spain and the rest of the Spanish speaking world. Salud!


  3. Bummer about your losing walking stick Jeff. I know it had many special memories attached. Hopefully this trek will be less treacherous! I look forward each day to seeing your photos and hearing about your day. I feel certain that your zero day will involve enjoying the local cerveza!


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