Day 5 San Sebastián to Zumaia 20 miles (75 miles total)

The weather today was more of the same…high 50’s temp, on and off drizzle.  All day this time. I specifically chose this time of year for warmer weather and less rain!

A good chunk of the morning walk was on roads and paved surfaces. That’s really good for keeping shoes, socks, and feet dry. It’s also nice to walk near some of the country villas. They can really grow geraniums and hydrangea!

A little rock art. 

I would really like to see what some of these views would be like in the sunshine. Maybe someday!

Starting to see some grape vines now. Most of them look relatively young to me. I would guess a newer crop for the area. 

Early in the day I had passed a guy who was wearing sandals. A couple hours later I hear someone behind me. It’s “sandal dude”. Juan Antonio from Córdoba. We walked together for a couple miles. I very seldom do that because I walk at my pace. If you want to walk with me, good luck. He could hike!  At one point there was a fairly steep, but short, hill. As we’re going up, we both keep gradually increasing speed. At top we smiled and fist bumped. It was invigorating and fun! Shortly after that he stopped for a cerveza. I, unlike me, hiked on.

Town of Orio. 

As I was starting to descend into Zarautz, I spied a nice looking golf course. On the way down I planned the perfect photo shoot.   Me teeing off on #1. Pack on. Hat on. Ocean in background. I went around the gate at this private club and soon realized they were closed (Monday). There was a security guard who stopped me by starter shack. Told him what I wanted to do. He apparently didn’t want to see my sweet swing as he politely escorted me back out the gate. Would have been epic!

Zarautz is a great beach town (Kris, add to your notes). Small, great surfing, beach, and bars. What more could you ask for!

I applied for a job trimming ivy at this house. 

Got to Zumia about 4PM. My feet are really sore from the wetness. I don’t think any blisters. 

Staying at my first alburque. Almost every town along the Camino has one or more. They are inexpensive, hostel-type lodging. Usually include communal dinner. 

This one was a nun convent for 500+ years. No food. You pay whatever you want to donate. Does have a shower (no towels or soap).  Dried with paper towels. 

I gave donation of $10. As of now, room to myself. Told volunteer host I would donate another $5 if it stays that way. Wish me luck!

Happy trails and buen Camino!

5 thoughts on “Day 5 San Sebastián to Zumaia 20 miles (75 miles total)

  1. Hope your room remains a single! Can’t believe you didn’t join sandal dude foe a 🍺. There’ll be other opportunities I feel certain.

    Enjoy, have fun and be safe.



  2. I have a feeling that ivy may be holding the building together. LOL Do your best keeping those feet dry. Hopefully the sun will come out soon allowing for some picturesque vistas.

    Liked by 1 person

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