Day 6 Zumaia to Markina-Xemein 23 miles (98 total miles)

Today was a roller coaster of a day. Physically and mentally. 
I ended up with a solo room at the alburque. Of course there were only 9 people there with capacity of 38!
My feet were really sore this AM. Too many miles in wet shoes and socks but had to be out of alburque by 8am so I was walking at 7:30.

Same weather starting out. Mentally wearing me down and abusing my feet. 

I decided I would take it easy today. 8 miles to Deba. Some rest and drying out for my feet.  Plan A.
This is an example of what parts of the Camino are like with this rain. Try keeping your tootsies dry in that. We won’t even talk about the horse dung and cow pies camouflaged in there.

It rained fairly good off and on.  Stop. Take pack off. Put rain jacket on. Put pack back on. Hike. Rain stops. You stop. Take pack off. Take rain jacket off. Put pack back on. Hike. Just keep repeating pretty much all day. 

As I’m getting near Deba, guess what happens. A little bit of sunshine!

When I get to Deba (about 10:00) hotel in my price range is booked. I mope around a little and decide to press on. The trail is going to leave the coast for the next 50 miles but there’s an alburque 3 miles up into the hills that has supposed great view. Weather is nice. Maybe I can tent there. Plan B. 

By the time I get to alburque it’s raining again. They’re supposed to be open at 12:30 but at 12:40 there is no one there. I’m not going to sit here in the rain. 

Hike 2 miles to next little hostel of some sort. Plan C. 
Half the planet stole my Plan C. No room at the inn.
Next option is 10 miles down the Camino and it’s 1:30. Not many options so…Plan D. 
The first 3 or 4 miles was really hard climb. Just what I needed at this point!
This 10 mile stretch is, of course, the most difficult part of the Camino del Norte that I have experienced thus far…by lots!
The last 5 miles are pretty much a blur. I was staggering down the trail like a drunken soldier. 
Bottom line is I made it safe and sound. So much for the easy, relaxing day. 
More rain forecast for tomorrow and then 3 days of sun and temps in the 70’s. I need that. 
Happy trails and buen Camino!

8 thoughts on “Day 6 Zumaia to Markina-Xemein 23 miles (98 total miles)

  1. Jeff, great looking trip. Scenery is great. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. It is really fun watching your progress. Hope for the sun. Rick

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  2. Your poor feet. I hope you have dry socks. Who would have thought you would encounter so much rain. Enjoy the sun that is forecast. Your pictures are great. Stsy safe and warm. Love you. MOM


  3. Keep it up Pete. I hope someday you realize just how motivating and inspirational your journeys have become to all who follow you. I remember you from Bristol, but I was probably 6 years behind you, and you are still mentally the strongest person I know. Thanks to your stupid pushup challenge I am down 28 pounds and halfway to my goal. Life changing for some of us that follow you. May the sun God push the rain away and better days are ahead.

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  4. What a trooper!! As Rod said, you are certainly an inspiration!! Glorious setting and wonderful photos. Hope you have drier, sunny days soon👍👍



  5. Tough day by your description. Hope it gets better. We are heading up to your Casa on Friday with Marc and our granddaughters to enjoy the beach. Kris is baking a cake for Marc’s birthday. She said it will give her something to do. Sorry we will miss you. Keep trucking.

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