Day 12 Islares to Noja 22 miles (188 miles total)

As I awoke this morning I looked up out of my tent and realized 2 things:  (1) I’m glad I’m not into rock climbing; and (2) If there’s an earthquake right now I’m screwed.

Another nice day for walking. They seem to be planting lots of eucalyptus trees around here. They smell great and love that blue/grey hue. 

 I have an app where I’m a little dot that flashes and the trail is a series of blue dots. As long as the flashing one is matched up with the blue dots, all is good. Hasn’t got me lost yet.
As I’m following the blue dots out of town below, an elderly guy who was missing a few teeth asked “Camino?”  Si. He pointed back down the hill and showed me a yellow arrow (like white blazes on AT).   It’s not following my app but for some reason I listened.

Trail started going up a dirt toad and away from my blue dots. Scenic but disconcerting. 

I’m seeing a random yellow arrow and the road makes no turns so I keep going. 

Starting to get a little nervous. I am now convinced the guy who led me this way had a bit of a grin when he sent me on my way. There are random chain saws revving through the forest. All I can think of is Spanish “Deliverance”.

At the top of knoll (blue dot on app now MIA) I see a Caterpillar-type machine plowing a road. It makes a turn and is heading up one lane (for a car) towards me. I can’t see driver so guessing he can’t see me. There is about 2 feet of brush and a barbed wire fence. I became as intimate with the fence as I could as machine headed towards me. Machine missed me by a foot or 2. Fence, not so much.

I was really having a bad day at this point. As I got to bottom of hill I saw that machine had left a huge mud hole. Should be OK if I just follow tracks.  Not so much. 

Now I am livid. Lost, bleeding, and muddy is no way to go through life.
The rest of the day was way better. Meet Luis. He is restoring this 1950’something Fiat. Incredible looking little car.


Laredo (not TX, Austin Bonner!), a nice resort town with a huge beach. 

Getting close to my destination of Noja (Kris,notes).  Anxious to get to this small surfing town.

You can go short way or long way. Short way has warning sign in my guidebook as being very sandy and steep. Only time I’ve seen that warning so I am excited. I can feel adrenaline kicking in.  That little brown line”ish” thing is trail.

Very fun climb with view back to Laredo (way in distance). 

The other side of the mountain!

I was so excited by vistas and climb I decided I was going in ocean. Got down to water line and hardly noticed the 5’7” gorgeous brunette young lady with a butterfly tattoo on her ankle and a pierced bellybutton who was topless. For some reason, she screamed in horror just as I was stripping down to my Tommy Johns.  Not exactly sure what scared her.

Hiked final 2 miles on the beach. For a day that started pretty bad, it ended fantastic. Remember that next time your day totally blows and it’s not even mid-morning. 

Happy trails and buen Camino!

12 thoughts on “Day 12 Islares to Noja 22 miles (188 miles total)

  1. I agree, follow the blue dots! Maybe she screamed cause she was having a nice quiet time by herself. Take care, stay safe. Love you, MOM


  2. Pete, I’m very late to the party here, but looking forward to catching up on your hike diary. Best of luck on the trail(s)! Looks like lots of beautiful ocean-proximity hiking so far, and hopefully not as physically taxing as the AT. Will be following your adventure — go get ’em!


  3. Love your travelogue Jeff!! Your mom must have been so nervous reading it. However, it’s pretty much expected you’ll have these days and you always make the best them!! You Rock 👍👍👍



  4. Love that you’re sharing your adventures ❤️! Guess I shouldn’t complain about payroll and month end, lol. Stay safe out there! Have a great hike tomorrow!


  5. That was the trail, up through the forest. Lonely, steep and hot when we went a few days ago. We turned r ight at the dozer because it was parked and looked dead end, and luckily lady in house was on verandah and redirected us. We always listen to the older locals. They only wish you well.

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