Day 11 Castro Urdiales to Islares 7 miles (166 miles total)

So I spent all day yesterday celebrating Sunday Funday only to discover today that it was Saturday. Oops!

Today I made a totally unplanned early stop. Just because I could. 

I may have missed the running of the bulls in Pamplona (July 6 if interested) but I witnessed the sauntering of the sheep in Castro Urdiales. Guy is a true urban cowboy. Herding them down the road with his car. 

Ever in your life come across threesomes that just make zero sense?  I just don’t understand what those nice bovine would be doing with that jackass. On top of that, this is the worst pastureland I have ever seen.  The picture does not represent how steep that hillside/cliff is down to ocean. 

I ended up stopping today at base of big hill on the left. 

Got in the water a couple times. It was cold. Guessing low 60 degrees. Wanted to body surf but it was too cold for me. If that guy in picture rolls 2 feet to his left he’ll roll another 50 feet. Straight down. 

My tent spot for the night. Not real scenic but great location. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be partly sunny and then 4 days of cool temps and rain. Not a fan of those days. 
Before I let you go, I have one tip for the fashionistas out there. Canvas Converse All Star high top tennis shoes. They are all the rage here. All of the fashion forward ladies are wearing them. Just remember you heard it here first. 
Happy trails and buen Camino!

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