Day 30 Tapia de Casariego to Villamartin Grande 19 miles (453 miles total)

Thanks to all who have made pledges. We’re up to $36.50/mile vs goal of $41. Got a ways to go but making progress!
The walk out of Tapia de Casariego was gorgeous. Check out these casas on the hill. 

Today I walked the path nearest to the beach I could find. Apparently not many people choose that path. Bad because the wet grass soaked my shoes and socks early in the day. Good because I was naked and didn’t scare anyone. 

That whole naked hiking thing makes it difficult to find an “Hola” smile. Easy to find adios screams, however. 
This water is really clear or really shallow. 

We have just left Austurius and are now in Galicia. I can’t tell any difference except for the fact that the signage is better and the distance is marked down to the meter. 184.659 kilometers. Now, that is anal retentiveness!

As we leave the ocean heading to Santiago de Compostela, we have to cross some mountain (big hills) ranges. After that I’m guessing we’ll get to the plains where the rain in Spain mainly falls. 

The “Hola” smile of the day comes from a lady who actually flagged me down. She was at a small church and encouraged me to stop and go inside. 

I put some clothes on, took my hat off, and went in. Amazing!

The painting behind altar was done in 17th century. Some of the wall paintings on the side date back to 12th century. Incredibly detailed and beautiful. 

The mountain walking was really quite pleasant. I enjoy the exertion of the hills and you can see for miles. 

Lots of agricultural. Virtually all corn. Apparently they haven’t heard of soy beans. 

Stopped for the night in a tiny town where I’m spending the night in the upstairs of a family home. The family has a small cafe right on the Camino and 3 upstairs rooms at their house that they rent out. 

Only 2 rooms rented tonight. A Korean couple and Just Pete. Included in the lodging is a home cooked dinner and breakfast. The dinner was very good. Salad, some noodly type soup and Spanish tortilla. A Spanish tortilla is of no relation to a Mexican tortilla. In Spain it’s really more like an omelette. Tonight’s was eggs and potatoes. Really good. 

The conversation between the 3 of us was interesting to say the least. All I know is at the end of the meal I had a new Facebook friend whose name is spelled with lots of hashtag like things. Truthfully, we were able to communicate enough that I know they were very nice and they think I am crazy.
Happy trails and buen Camino!

3 thoughts on “Day 30 Tapia de Casariego to Villamartin Grande 19 miles (453 miles total)

  1. Another amazing day! I’ve learned in my travels that I’m always pleasantly surprised by the lovely churches no matter the size of the town/village etc. Perhaps the smiling woman of the day realized you need some spiritual assistance !
    The sleeping accommodations sound delightful. I also remember being surprised by the tortilla I thought I’d ordered 👍.
    Keep trekking, collecting smiles and marveling at your adventures!!!



  2. “The “Hola” smile of the day comes from a lady who actually flagged me down”. Nice lady, but I have to assume that she only smiled after you had your clothes back on. Otherwise I have to believe it must have been more a laugh than a smile (lol). Just saying.
    Beautiful pictures and a good story again.


  3. Mercifully you posted no pictures of your naked hike. Let me be the first to thank you!

    Sent from Jay’s iPad



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