Day 51 Villadesuso to A Guarda 10 miles (751 miles total)

The weather the entire time I’ve been along the western coast of Spain has been extremely moderate. Sunny and temperatures in the 70’s. Similar to San Diego except a bit more humidity. 

I guess you would call this a boat house. It’s pretty small but works for someone. 

This guy is putting up hay the old fashioned way. Raking by hand and then pitching it up onto bed. 

Nice pastureland. 

Most of today’s walk was along a paved bike path with a few detours off that to get closer to the ocean or into a forest. 

It’s easy to see why this was referred to as the Coast of Death. It is so rocky that if your boat came close to the coast at the wrong place, you were probably going to be swimming (best case). 

The “Hola” smile of the day. Caught her a little by surprise but I don’t think she minded!

After many years I’ve come to accept and even appreciate traffic circles. Now traffic semicircles?  I don’t get this. 

The building on right looks nice but is abandoned. On the left is a circular structure out in the water. It is built so that water flows in and out and has some protected areas inside. Guessing it was used to raise some sort of fish. 

A Guarda is the southern most Galician port city in Spain. We’re about 4 miles from Portugal here. 

The city is not as well preserved as Baiona. Lots of vacant buildings if you get away from the port.  The port area is very much alive and vibrant. 

There are lots of really old boats tied up in the harbor and being used. Saw a couple sailboats that looked like they were at least 100 years old… and lots of work to sail!

The port area is ringed by about 20 bars and restaurants. There also appear to be small rowboats that are available for people to use. 

We’ll be in Portugal tomorrow!
Happy trails and buen Camino!

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