Day 40 Dyersville to Wilton, IA 88 miles (2480 total miles)

The day started on a high note. I’ll say that much.

Field of Dreams was only a half mile off my route.

Kris and I had been there with a small group from work in 1990 (I think). It is still just a donation to get on/near the field.

Things are a bit more commercialized these days. There’s a concession stand, souvenir shop, you have to pay to go near the house, and they have a major league stadium ready to host Yankees and White Sox in August. You can see the lights beyond the corn.

Construction workers were busy on the stadium. Couldn’t get close to that.

This is the house from the movie.

It was a fun stop. I was there for about a half hour and then time to pedal.

Stopped at the Cascade Cafe for lunch at about the 28 mile mark. John, the owner, was flabbergasted by what I was doing. Bought my lunch. Also gave me $20 for charities and a mdiner gave me $4!!

John and Michelle (waitress)

At bike shop in Alexandria they said Gerty’s chain was a bit stretched. She’s starting to slip a bit in high gear so I called bike shop in Muscatine and made an appointment for 9AM tomorrow.

Muscatine is 80 miles from where I had lunch so I targeted Wilton, about 20 miles short of there.

Hard afternoon of riding but I got there about 6PM. That’s when things went bad.

Motel I was hoping to stay at is closed. Got picked up for doing 20 mph in a 15.

Actually didn’t get picked up. Asked officer if there was a place I could pitch my tent in town. He was super nice and escorted me to a town park.

Went to set up my tent and it’s broken. Back in MT I had to do some repair work on stretch cord that holds poles together. It was fine at Mr. Bloom’s but was not fine here. Tried to jigger it together but only made it worse. It’s now totaled.

Tonight I’m sleeping in a low rider!

I’m writing this from inside my tent. Not easy to get into and I’m guessing difficult to get out of. Also 0 headroom!!

Stephen King, on his best days, couldn’t make this stuff up. Here’s to better days.

Ride on.

Just Pete

16 thoughts on “Day 40 Dyersville to Wilton, IA 88 miles (2480 total miles)

  1. Hang in there Pete. Better days ahead for sure. Some ups and some downs. Just keep going. Get Gertys chain tight and get a bee tent and in 2 days it will be a distant memory

    Ride On



  2. On this day of things that could go wrong, you were only a county away from Grant Wood’s home. Those rolling hills in the middle of your ride, were the subject of his art. You rode through art in Iowa! 🙂 In the mean time, good luck on getting your chain repaired.


  3. After your tent discovery/night like you had, figured you needed a pick-me-up. Venmoed you some Buds, a.k.a. your charities. Love today’s people pics at cafe and the ticket-writing cop, LOL. Bike blessings!


  4. OMGoodness! What a day you had! Love seeing the pictures! Darn closed motel! How nice of the restaurant owner and diner! Warms the heart! Nice the officer found you a good camping spot and sorry to hear about your tent!! The adventures just keep coming!😆. Wishing you a great ride today! Be safe and God’s Speed.


  5. I was looking forward to your Field of Dreams visit⚾️ ! I think it’s great that your journey is inspiring people you meet along the roads 🚴. Good luck with Getty’s surgery. Do I see a new ⛺️ in your future or can it have surgery too?
    We’re all proud of your accomplishments and determination 👏.
    Ride on!!


  6. Hi Mr. Peterson,

    Michelle here from The Plantation. My husband is from Iowa, Davenport to be exact! I just met with Mrs. Peterson and she told me about your amazing journey! Good Luck and can’t wait to see you when you return.


  7. Even though your day didn’t end well, your blogs are so good to read. You have met the nicest people along the way and that is a plus. I am sure you didn’t sleep well. I hope today’s ride will be good and you reach Muscatine early and can have a good night’s rest. Stay safe and have an easy day. Love you, Mom


  8. Hi Pete! It’s Steph from K9s For Warriors. Just wanted to say how amazing it is to see all the Facebook posts and read about your riding adventures in this blog. Thank you for what you are doing! On behalf of K9s, we’re so grateful for your time and every pedal! Your efforts will ultimately help to save the lives of a Warrior and rescue dog. We appreciate your continued support throughout the years. Stay safe and hydrate! See you on Facebook (and when you get back to PV). 🙂


  9. Hey Jeff… Darn the tent pole situation! My husband just ordered replacement pole pieces and cord for my tent and it worked great. I’m sure REI (as I recall that was where you got the tent) could send you a repair kit. It always sounded like it’s been a great tent and worth repairing. We got my replacement pieces from Amazon.

    Keep up the good work! I think I’ve missed my opportunity to ride with you… so sad about that!


  10. You realize someday you will be the coolest Grandpa EVER! So many stories…and your blog of all your travels. I have visions of you sitting with a Grandchild watching Field of Dreams…forget Shoeless Joe Jackson! You come out of the corn…how stinking cool is that!? Keep pedaling!


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