Day 61 to Saraland, AL to Pensacola, FL 67 Miles (3764 total miles)

Good day today. Few more hills than I expected east of Mobile but not bad.

I was a bit concerned about getting through Mobile. Biggest city so far I think. Couple big bridges to cross. No clue what shoulder would be like. Sketchy weather. Other than that, I had it totally under control.

Kind of certain this is is Tombigbee River emptying into Mobile Bay. First glimpse of big water out to left.

The forecast was for on and off thunderstorms for the day. Another day of racing thunderstorms.

I got out of Mobile with no problem. Good shoulders even on the bridges.

Got rained on just a bit in Mobile. Got fortunate at my lunch stop halfway through. Poured right after I stopped until just before I was ready to restart.

Not quite so fortunate a bit later. Major downpour for 30 minutes. Pedaled for half of it. Miserable. Really difficult to see and those tiny drops sting at 18mph! Finally found a volunteer fire house with an awning. Gerty and I just watched it rain.

40 years ago I graduated from Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola and was commissioned an Ensign in the US Navy. Lots of good memories from this area.

I have a plan for Tropical Storm Fred. Gonna get past Tallahassee by Sunday eve. That will put me a bit inland when the storm is supposed to reach there…allegedly.

1400 miles and 22 days ago I was in Dyersville, IA at Field of Dreams. Hope you got to see some of last nights game there. Awesome setting.

Ride on.

Just Pete

5 thoughts on “Day 61 to Saraland, AL to Pensacola, FL 67 Miles (3764 total miles)

  1. Jeff I’m glad you are going toward the center of the state. I told Mary the roads in north Florida off the main roads seem to have a lot more favorable pavement than you would think. Stay safe. An extra hour and an extra half day mean very little to the final leg of this incredible accomplishment. Don’t RUSH things now. Love you

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  2. I was really wondering how it would go in Mobile. Except for the rain, it must have been okay. Good memories in Pensacola. We are hoping you are inland enough to be safe from Fred. Let me know if you need any contacts in the area you are headed. Stay safe. Love you. Mom


  3. Guess my comment didn’t go through. I’ll try again. You are doing it Jeff!!! I’ll never forget being in Pensacola to visit you with julie. Kadamoran ride and open air Jeep ride with you and Bob. Julie loved it when we got saluted coming and going from base!! Stay safe ! We’re all rooting for you!!


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