April 13

Day 14 Hogback Gap to Fontana Dam (9.5 miles) 164.4 total miles

After 3.5 miles this AM came across Trail Magic provided by “Yard Dart.” Cokes, tangerines, candy, and even dog treats! He started hiking trail mid-March with wife but hurt his leg and unable to continue. Wife is still going for it and he’s providing support.

FullSizeRender (1)

This is Cable Gap Shelter, a typical shelter along trail.

FullSizeRender (2)

Approaching Lake Fontana and Fontana Dam! Been able to see that Lake for 2 days and now almost there.


Made it into Fontana about 1PM. Got room at Fontana Village Lodge. Very nice resort. Showered, laundry (lost one of my wool socks…now have 1.5 pair!), fresh trout tacos, a few Buds, and nice quiet room to sleep in!

Did 95 miles this last week. Feeling good. Legs recover much more quickly and blisters pretty much healed. Feeling a lot stronger hiking up hills.

Ready for challenges of Great Smoky Mtns National Park. Starts 2.7 miles from Fontana and runs for 70.5 miles. Will be sleeping in tent for next 4 – 5 nights! Will be biggest challenge to date.

Happy trails!


5 thoughts on “April 13

  1. Sounds like a high-mileage week! Glad you’re in a comfortable place to rest up for the next stretch.
    Good to hear your body’s acclimating to the stresses. Those 18-ish mile days with all the elevation changes have got to be brutal.
    Hang in there!


  2. I love the Trail Magic updates. Great job Jeff!! Trout tacos sound so much more appealing than tortillas with peanut butter👍 Perhaps you’ll get another pair of socks along the way for good measure! Keep truckin’.


  3. Pete – you’re making great progress. Those Smoky Mountains will test your keen survival techniques you learned at Northern!!!!! Happy Easter!!


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