April 22

Day 23 Little Laurel Shelter to Sugarloaf Gap (18.5 miles) 311.5 total miles

Thunder, lightning, and rain last night. Rain for about 3 hours of hike today. Started raining right as I stopped to set up tent tonight and still raining now.  

Pretty sure it’s rained 6 straight days and I’ve been hiking 5 of them. If you are having drought issues in your area, give me a call and I’ll come hike through. Gotta just about have the issue here in SE about fixed!
If you’re able to zoom this pic in, you will see the first flat stretch of farm land I’ve seen. Just wish I was hiking down there.

This has been my toughest day of hiking yet. Didn’t have much pep in my step this AM and the hike was much more difficult than topography map led me to assume. Then add some rain and slippery surfaces.

Below is my attempt at a panoramic shot. Might have needed an assist from my friend, Legs, for this one!

As I mentioned earlier, the terrain today was much more difficult than I had guessed. Not so much because of up and down hills but because of having to scramble over rocks…in the rain and wet. Had to climb down into that little gully and then straight up other side.

Slipped and fell on my butt twice today. No injuries, thankfully.

Found a place to camp just as rain started this evening. Pretty cold. Summer sausage, peanut butter, and a Snickers bar for dinner. Living large!

Hope for better day tomorrow.

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “April 22

  1. Just a question-is the trail that well marked that you always know you are still on the trail? Hard to tell from the pictures. Looks easy to get lost. Stay safe and enjoy the journey.


    1. The trail is pretty easy to follow. There are white blazes (2″ x 6″ white paint) on trees, etc. where may be confusion. More apt to head wrong direction when leaving a shelter area than “lost”.


  2. When you start out in the a.m. do you have a certain destination or number of miles that you plan to hike, or do you just stop when you are tired? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an electric clothes drier right about now? The things we take for granted!


    1. I have a destination I shoot for every day, sometimes I get tired and stop before I get there. Most times I make it.

      A portable drier would be awesome!


  3. I noticed your average has increased. At day 10 your average was 11 miles/day (including zero days) and after day 20 you’re averaging 13.5 miles/day with more rain. Wow! Keep it up.


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