May 5

Day 36 US 58 Campsite to Old Orchard Shelter (22.8 miles) 509.2 total mile

Windy and rainy most of night but woke up to sunshine. Looking like a good day to get some miles in.

Got hiking early. Motivated. Clipping right along until 1 mile into day I run into trail magic.  

4 guys who had thru-hiked last year had eggs, pancakes, and anything else a hiker can crave. I was one of the first there. Stayed for about 45 minutes and, when I left, there were about 20 people there. Hosts were hoping people would spend Cinco de Mayo there.

Buzzard rock.

Near Mt Rogers, VA’s highest peak (5729 ft).

Entering Grayson Highlands State Park. Known for wild ponies. I probably saw at least 3 dozen ponies in the 3 mikes trail went through Park.

After leaving the park, had to have a discussion with this guy regarding trail etiquette and who had the right of way in this instance.

Last part of day, trail was very wet. Must have rained a lot more here than it did on me today. Started raining again about 6. I stopped and pitched tent about 7:30.

Rain, wind, and cold. Hope it’s nicer in AM. Still 23 miles to Marion, VA.

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “May 5

  1. Great photos and commentary. I’m enjoying this adventure right along with you. I’m so impressed with the Traiil Magic moments 😊

    Like your mom said, I hope you make it to Marian according to plan👍


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