May 30

Day 61 Bearfence Mtn Hut to Rock Spring Hut (11.5 miles) 927.9 miles total

I took the lazy hiker distance today. Knew from first mile of the AM that I wasn’t going to the 22 mile hut!

Saw 4 deer today. One was a doe with a day(s) old fawn. Still a bit wobbly on its legs. That pic was no good unfortunately.


The accessibility of the wayside restaurants in the Shenandoahs is very convenient. Very difficult to leave and get hiking again however. Like a vortex that sucks you in.


Since I was only going a few miles past wayside, I brought a 6-pack of Bud with me. Heavy hiking with the extra weight today. Fortunately will be much lighter tomorrow.


Couple other hikers I talked with today have the VA blues (as do I). Just getting tired of the day after day hiking. Burnt out, hit a wall, whatever you want to call it.

If you can see the notch by top of mtn in below pic, I think that is very close to where I tented last night.


Tomorrow will be my last day of hiking until Monday! Perfect time for a 4 day break.

Our daughter, Brooke, is picking me up tonight. Staying in Baltimore tonight and tomorrow, fly to Fargo Friday, Ashley and Zach wedding Saturday, fly back Sunday, and back on the trail Monday.

Happy trails!

8 thoughts on “May 30

  1. Hope your wedding-trip gives you a nice change of scenery & routine and lets you recharge your batteries.

    Two months on the trail and within striking distance of a thousand miles! That’s awesome, Pete. I just did a fast scroll back through your postings since late March and it’s been quite a journey. I’ve really enjoyed following your progress.

    Take care — Proud of you!


  2. Glad Brook can pick you up. Tom and I are in awe at your progress. Hope you get through the VA blues. The respite for these few days will be good for you, and hopefully you won’t lose your motivation to continue while off the trail. Enjoy the wedding and all the family.


  3. Almost 1,000 miles Just Pete!! Quite commendable πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Enjoy your time “off” with Kris, the girls and family.


  4. Sounds like this break is coming at a perfect time to refresh you and renew your determination. Enjoy the wedding and the weekend!


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