May 29

Day 60 Pinefield Hut to Bearfence Mtn Hut (20.6 miles) 916.4 miles total

Hope you had a great Memorial Day. God bless all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

60 days and 900+ miles. That’s a lot of both!

Really nice day today. Even got a few views.


Surprising how quickly the trail dries out. The leaves along trail must really soak up water. Still muddy in spots but much better than most of last few weeks.


Still amazed by the vast amount of wilderness. Have seen a lot of “Keep the Wilderness Wild” signs.

unnamed (1)

The Pocosin Cabin. Don’t know the story behind it but seems in use. Big padlock on door. Freshly cut wood stacked and relatively new outhouse! Cool little place.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

Tomorrow’s distance options are limited. Hut at 11.5 miles or one at 22.4 miles. Don’t know that I have long one in me.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “May 29

  1. Awesome travels. Thanks we love following your journey. Well it’s raining here in Seattle . Good day to spend with the new born. Headed back to PVB soon. Had a great time visiting with all the kids. Happy trails and looking forward to being on our balcony watching you play through.


  2. Love your blog, great pictures!
    Glad to hear you have new sneakers and better weather!
    Enjoy your vacation with family!
    Happy trails 👍


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