June 7

Day 69 Gravel Springs Hut to US 522 (13.4 miles) 969.7 miles total

Both knees and right hip have been sore last 2 days. Hoping they’re just working back in to shape.

Finished Shenandoah’s today. I was a bit disappointed as views were somewhat limited and similar. Many more views driving on Skyline Drive. The AT was rerouted for Skyline Dr. Someone told me there are 77 viewpoints on Skyline and 22 on AT. If you ever come here for the views, I’d recommend driving!


Of all hikers I’ve talked with in Shenandoahs, only 2 had not seen a bear here (Grumpy Old Man and Just Pete). Some had seen 8 and up to 13. Bam Bam and Little Bad Ass even had one that blocked the trail and snapped his jaws at them!

One mile past Shenandoahs I saw my second bear. It heard me before I saw it so only caught a glimpse as it ran off. It was only about 40 yds away. Rich Enright…that would be about 4.85 seconds away!


Weather has been good last 2 days. Light rain late today. No rain forecast for next week. Going to be mid 90’s for a few days beginning Sunday.

Should hit 1,000 miles Friday and be in Harpers Ferry Saturday.

Happy trails!

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