June 9

Day 71 Signal Knob Campsite to Bears Den Rocks (17.2 miles) 1003.2 total miles

It’s been a while since the last trail magic I was fortunate to receive but today there was a couple grilling hot dogs at a crossing and they had chairs…with backs!

Most of this group I’ve been hiking near for a few days. Grumpy Old Man is in lower right. Don’t know why he’s called grumpy because always laughing. Little Bad Ass and Bam Bam are next. Ontario is across by cooler and next to Homeward (our host and 2016 thru hiker). Prepping her hot dog is Goddess. Not all could pull off a name like that but she can. Manning the grill is Peggy (hostess).

Spent about a half hour there and then it was on to The Roller Coaster. 13.5 miles of tightly packed ascents and descents. Not many signs posted along trail but beginning of Roller Coaster had a warning sign ensuring you know what you’re about to get yourself into.

Lots of steep, rocky ups and downs. Picture below loses a bit of the steepness but you can get an idea.

1000 miles!! That’s a lot of steps! Not much of a celebratory spot in the midst of the Roller Coaster.

Hoping to make Harpers Ferry, WV tomorrow. Weather should be nice before heats up to low 90’s Sunday to Wed.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “June 9

  1. thanks for the picture of your hiking comrades. a chair with a back is now a luxury–it’s all relative isn’t it.
    congrats on 1,000!


  2. Way to go!! I’m impressed with that achievement, keep it up I’m looking for a picture of the high point monument way down the trail!!


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