June 10

Day 72 Bears Den Rocks to Keys Gap Campsite (16.4 miles) 1019.6 miles total

Decided to tent just short of Harpers Ferry. Hotel rates there get jacked up on summer weekends and I am actually getting comfortable sleeping in tent. Not that comfortable but enough to pass on a $140 hotel room! Plus I was able to have burger and a Bud at bar 2 miles before I camped!

Finally almost out of VA. Pretty sure trail is right on VA/WV border now. Will finish VA and WV and be in MD tomorrow…and I’m only hiking about 7 miles!

Finished the Roller Coaster today. It was about 10 up and downs of about 400 feet each over 13.5 miles. Not extremely difficult but a rocky pain in the butt.

If you really want to get away to some privacy, here’s a house for you! 

Gonna do a short hike today. Air conditioning this afternoon when supposed to be mid 90’s.

Happy trails!

One thought on “June 10

  1. We’ve been moving these last few days and now have WiFi again. 34 steps up to our rental condo @ 6k ft. Good for my waistline. Great pics and narrative. Half done for you and all “downhill” (figuratively) now. Be safe, “Earlybird”.


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