June 11

Day 73 Keys Gap Campsite to Keep Tryst Rd (7.0 miles) 1026.6 miles

Finished VA and WV today. 5 states down…9 to go! Staying in Knoxville, MD at Knights Inn.

I like American History so while heading into Harpers Ferry I was imagining John Brown and his boys sneaking in to raid the national armory there. Then I got to the bridge that guessing they didn’t use.


Harpers Ferry is the mythical halfway point of the AT and the home of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. They have a hiker lounge with chairs and sodas. Take good care of hikers.


I was NOBO hiker #1391 leaving Springer Mtn, GA. Hiker #737 passing thru Harpers Ferry (includes SOBOers). The staff said that’s a lot for this early in year.


Below is picture at Jefferson Rock overlooking the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. Jefferson got to stand on top of rock in right of pic. People not allowed up there these days.

unnamed (1)

Next stop is Waynesboro, PA. 38 miles so 2-3 days depending on how heat wave goes.

Happy trails!


6 thoughts on “June 11

  1. With your love of history I am sure you are enjoying this section of trail. Great pictures today. Happy Trails to you.


  2. Very Cool Pete! Being a bit of a Civil War buff myself, I’ve been meaning to get to Harper’s Ferry. I did make it to Manassas (Bull Run). Regina and I will be back to Gettysburg the 28th of this month. We hope to see you at MS shortly thereafter.


  3. I’m rooting for #737!!!! Great photos and commentary as always. Thank heavens you finally made it out VA , enduring everything from rain and cold to heat waves 😳


  4. You are an inspiration to so many and LOVING the posts documenting Bristol sd. Keep going with all of our support!!


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