June 12

Day 74 Keep Tryst Road to Pine Knob Shelter (20 miles) 1046.6 miles total

Not sure what temperature was today (90’s) but heat didn’t bother me. Was in shade 75% of time. Just needed more water breaks.


The march through Civil War history continues. Crossed a couple places right on the Civil War Trail (driving). I believe battle of South Mtn referenced below was right before Antietam.

unnamed (1)

We lived in Maryland for 7 years and the amount of farm and horse land there still surprises me. Some beautiful country.

unnamed (2)

Stopped at Washington Monument (near Boonsboro, MD). Was in a bit of a hurry but pretty sure this is one of, if not the, first monuments erected in honor of Washington. VA must have been a little slow in honoring their native son! The view above is from other side of monument.

unnamed (3)

When I stopped for lunch today, I had cell service. Doesn’t always happen. Had a text message from a friend and neighbor in Ponte Vedra Beach (Dale). His wife, Debbie, has a brother who lives within 20 miles of trail and, if I let them know where I’ll be tonight, he’ll bring me out a 6-pack of Bud. Obviously I replied immediately.

Mark showed up with beer (and cookies) about 6. Had a great chat. He is very knowledgeable about Civil War. He even has numerous artifacts that he has found at various battle sites (bullets, ammo tins, pistol, etc.)

Great time. Thanks, Mark!

unnamed (4)

Hope to make Waynesboro, PA (18 miles) today.

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “June 12

  1. How nice of Mark to come to see you and bring refreshments. Beautiful pictures today of the scenery and your history lessons are interesting. Happy Trails to you.


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