June 28

Day 90 Little Gap Rd to PA 33 (15.4 miles) 1278.1 miles total

Didn’t get hiking until about 10 as waited for restaurant where I tented to open for breakfast. Eggs Benedict. What a treat!

Early on I stubbed my toe. Lots of hopping, ows and other verbal expressions! Didn’t bother much after a bit.

About 2:30 I passed a young lady (Tattoo) who I had met at yesterday’s trail magic. We had the normal hiker conversation. What did you think about yesterday’s climb? How far are you planning to go today? She asked where I stayed last night. Had to think about that for a second. During that second of non-focus on trail and rocks, I crashed!

Next thing I knew, I was face down kissing a rock. It was a pretty bad fall on the rocks. As I laid on ground trying to assess and regroup, I saw drops of blood. Figured I had smashed my face on rock.

After a minute or 2 I was able to get up. Tattoo, who was extremely concerned, told me my head and face were blood-free. Not so for my left elbow and forearm. Bloody mess.

I assumed nothing was broken as I could move my arm and make a fist. Wind Gap, PA and a hotel where 4.5 miles ahead. No choice but to hike on.

Adrenaline is a powerful thing. My mind was very clear and focused and my legs were strong…for the first couple miles. Then the adrenaline started wearing off.

I got a bit ahead of Tattoo and ran into her hiking partner who was waiting for her. As I couldn’t really see my elbow and forearm that well, I showed him just to confirm no bones sticking out or anything. I had not done that with Tattoo as I had traumatized her enough.

He said just looked like a lot of scrapes and cuts. Offered me some water to rinse off.

Made it down to road to town about 4:30. Thought I could hitch a ride to hotel but apparently people are apprehensive about picking up a homeless looking guy with blood all over his arm and hand. Luckily Uber was available here.

When I got to hotel, I was able to look at arm in mirror. Gnarly! I then also noticed knee and shin were pretty scraped up as well. As for the toe I’d stubbed earlier, pretty sure that’s broken as was black from below nail to joint.

I am extremely sore and have decided to take tomorrow and possibly Friday off. Fortunately I have good friends who are willing to drive the extra miles to pick me up in Wind Gap and bring me back out when I resume.

I’ll make Thirsty Thursday. Just not as I planned!

Sure I’ll be OK and able to hike on after some recovery time.  

Going too fast or too far didn’t contribute to mishap. Learned the hard way that you have to stay completely focused at all times.

Happy trails!

5 thoughts on “June 28

  1. Didn’t like the news in your blog today. I am glad you are going to have a little time off. Make sure you get some disinfectant on those scrapes and bruises. If you think your toe is broken, I doubt there is much you can do. Please get some hiking shoes when you are in NJ. If you got all that scraping through your shoes, you must need a replacement. Enjoy thirsty Thursday! Love you. MOM


  2. Can relate to the reason for your distraction. The trail seems to be getting uch more adventurous!

    Be careful out there!


  3. Sorry to read and hear about your day…..take some days to heal……remember you are retired so you don’t need to be done exactly when u thought u should……rest and heal….love u


  4. Sorry to hear about your episode with the ground, Jeff. The way I look at things, that probably happened to prevent something worse later gone. Hope you heal quickly. Rest up and happy trails!


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