June 29

Day 91 Wind Gap, PA Zero Day 1278.1 miles total

I made it to Lake Hopatcong, NJ today. Just not as I planned. Was hoping to be at Delaware Water Gap today but that plan got derailed by yesterday’s fall.

Pretty sore down the left side of my body. Sore enough that I don’t even notice this toe!


I’ve been staying at some classy places during this hike. I’m not sure about this sign in room. If they meant Out of Odor (vs order), that problem was fixed moment I walked through door yesterday. Hadn’t showered or washed clothes for 5 days.

unnamed (1)

Our friends, Barb and Warren, drove over an hour each way to pick me up and bring me to Lake Hopatcong. Had a fantastic time at Thirsty Thursday. Full house at Mason Street Pub. Really funny when people who know me well have to do a triple look to figure out who the homeless looking guy is!

I am taking tomorrow off as well. Scrapes are starting to heal but forearm/elbow still extremely sensitive. I’d be a hurting puppy if bumped it on trail.

Hoping to be back out Saturday. I’d put odds at 50/50.

Happy trails!

7 thoughts on “June 29

  1. I traced your package and it arrived yesterday at noon. Hope you got it. I am sure you enjoyed yourself at Thirsty Thursday. I can see why people did a double take. Hope you are healing and your foot will allow you to walk, your foot looks really sore. Hugs from MOM.


  2. Will pray for a speedy recovery for you – Hopefully the trail in New Jersey is less rocky then Pennsylvania – A year ago today I was in Bristol for the Mallery reunion – time flies – and March 31st seems like a long time ago! You have done well –


  3. Wishing you s speedy recovery or at least manageable discomfort. Everyone must have done MORE than double takes. Did you check out your former digs??


  4. Glad you made it for Thirsty Thursday. Hope you heal quickly, and glad to hear Brooke will see you this weekend. Enjoy the time with friends and take the time to heal before you go back out there. We are thinking of you.


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