June 30

Day 92 Wind Gap, PA Zero Day 1278.1 miles total

Healing up. Arm feels better today. Discovered another pain spot when that subsided. My side/ribs must have gotten “rocked” as well. Feel like I took a Logan Storley punch in the ribs.

Brooke made it up to the lake in time to go out with our friend Dave for fireworks on the lake. It rained, of course, but we were able to see fireworks going off all around lake.

Going to take tomorrow off as well. Rain in forecast, still sore, Brooke is here, dog ate my homework. I’ve got plenty of excuses!

Will get the show back on the road Sunday!

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “June 30

  1. Glad you are not hiking today. If Sunday you are still hurting, maybe that can be a day off also. Don’t push yourself. Bet you are enjoying your NJ friends. Have fun. Hugs from, MOM
    P.S. Hi Brooke!!


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