July 4

Day 96 Millbrook-Blairstown Rd to Culvers Gap (14.4 miles) 1322.0 miles total

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day.

My walking stick has lost at least 6″ of length from 1300 miles of pounding. Left it with Tom last night so he could devise a fix so it lasts to Maine. He added a wooden extension and a screw to bottom. Looks cool and worked great!

Tom, Amy, and Stella took us out to trail this AM. I say us because I had my first “guest hiker” (Mike). They stayed after dropping us off to provide trail magic. Had about a dozen hikers stop in. Really thrilled that my friends are so enthusiastic to do that. Pretty sure they would all say it’s fun and rewarding. Thanks, guys!


Mike did well on hike. I cut him no slack and he was able to keep pace! Certain he was glad we didn’t have 5 more miles.

unnamed (1)

Tom, Teri, Carli, and Warren met us on trail about 3 miles from destination at a spot Tom used to camp at 30 years ago. Surprised he could find it as pretty overgrown now. Pic below is at Purple Rock.


Culver Lake, our destination, in background.

unnamed (4)

Gyps Tavern is 1/4 mile off trail and well known to hikers. Very welcoming. They’re a bit off on mileage for this year but it’s the thought that counts!

unnamed (2)

Had a big group show up at Gyps for lunch and a drink…or 2+!

unnamed (3)

Still hiking out of John and Jen’s house in Lake Hopatcong. Will have to cut the cord and get back to reality on Friday. Hopefully I can still carry a full pack.

Happy trails!

One thought on “July 4

  1. What great friends you have. Fixing your walking stick, providing trail magic for others, hiking with you, and meeting at Gyp’s Tavern. I love it when I know you are in a great place at night. Wish it could last longer. Enjoy your last few days with them. Love You. MOM


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