July 8

Day 100 County Rd 517 to NY 17A, Bellvale, NY (17.4 miles) 1372.0 miles total

Been out here wandering through the woods for 100 days now. Have told many people that “I’m not a hiker and I hate camping”. May have to drop the first part as I’m thinking 100 days and 1372 miles probably counts as being a hiker!

Dave took me back out to trail this AM. Took a while to get used to carrying pack again. Fortunately first couple of miles where a boardwalk.

Got a little more difficult after that. Had to climb Stairway to Heaven. Pretty good climb.

Finished NJ (state #8) early afternoon.

My friend, Brent, and his family live in Warwick, NY. I am planning to meet his wife, Laure, on trail today. She will hike last 5-6 miles with me and then they’ve invited me to stay at their house.

Laure can hike!! I had to work to keep up. She knew what she was doing and where she was going so all I had to do was follow. Haven’t been able to do that yet on hike so it was kind of relaxing.

We finished the day close to the Bellvale Creamery. Quite a few hikers will stop here for ice cream as only 1/4 mile from trail.

Brent, Sophie, and Alix met us at the Creamery. Sophie is 10 and Alix, 7. Super nice and polite young ladies.

Will be getting close to NYC in next couple of days. There is a shelter I hope to stay near that has views of Manhattan.

Happy trails!

5 thoughts on “July 8

  1. Nice.. Happy 100.. Had 2 hikers come by about 30 mins after you left. Yonder & My Ass is Dragin. They have heard of Just Pete,Trail Legend in the making. I don’t think you’ll be meeting then anytime soon unless you take 3 zero days. Be safe,Happy Trails


  2. I think it’s great friends have been able to join you on portions of your adventure!! I was just unexpectedly at the Newark Airport over night. Wonder how close that may have been to you.
    Keep up the good work Just Pete. You make us proud😊


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