July 9

Day 101 NY 17A to Orange Turnpike (10.1 miles) 1382.1 miles total

Had a good sleep and a nice breakfast with Brent, Laure, Sophie, and Alix. Thanks much, guys!


Laure hiked with me for the first 4 miles of the day to Fitzgerald Falls. It was great to have a guide!


Water is getting tighter up here as very few springs. Contacted Nina, a friend who lives in area, as I was hoping to catch a ride to town for water. She just happened to be at a friend’s who lives about 3 miles from Orange Turnpike.


I setup my tent about a quarter mile from road and met Nina about 2PM. Got to a McDonalds, sat on a chair on Mike’s patio, and got water.

unnamed (1)

Nina saw some trail magic when she dropped me off. Guessing she’ll be out here some day!

Happy trails!


3 thoughts on “July 9

  1. Back from VaCa, DeFea says hi. Less than 1k left so I’m ready to write a check for the full amount. Where do I send it? Thanks, Earlybird.


  2. It was so nice having you around as you hiked through NJ. Looking forward to seeing you and Kris after you finish your quest. Hope your back is feeling better.


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