July 10

Day 102 Orange Tpke to William Brien Memorial Shelter (11.5 miles) 1393.6 miles total

Less than 800 miles to go. At about 100 miles/week, it’s only 8 weeks until I can revert from Just Pete to “Normal” Pete. I suspected, and have proven to myself, that I am much more suited to playing golf, drinking Bud, and hanging out with Kris at Beach House!


NY has proven to be no easy hike. Lots of ups/downs and water sources are scarce and sketchy.

Below is the entrance to the “Lemon Squeezer”.


You had to walk/squeeze through that crevice in middle of pic below. Tight fit. Thought I was going to get stuck at one point.

unnamed (1)

When you get out there was an “Easy Way” blue blaze option. Haven’t done that yet and not starting now. Had to scramble up and over boulder to the right. Trust me, harder than it looks in pic.

unnamed (2)

Below is an example of tree roots that will really beat up your feet if you step in the wrong place.

unnamed (3)

Had hoped to make next shelter which has NYC view but heard it gets crowded plus I was tired. Should pass by a couple of city views tomorrow.

Supposed to rain early AM and again in afternoon. Hoping to make about 10 miles between rain to Fort Montgomery, NY.

Happy trails!


3 thoughts on “July 10

  1. Hang in there! Wow That did not look like friendly terrain. Hope there was a view reward at the top of the lemon squeeze. Thanks for the hiking kudos. Wish I could have kept going!
    Take good care!


  2. Yikes, that crevice looks nearly impossible. Maybe try the Easy Way when you come to the next hurdle!! Hope you make it to Fort Montgomery without having to hike in the rain. Great talking to you while we could. Take care, stay safe. Miles are decreasing!! Love from MOM.


  3. And we thought the rocks in Pennsylvania were tough – LOL – PS you forgot to mention College Football! Golf, Bud, Beach House and Football!


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