July 11

Day 103 William Brien Mem Shelter to Hudson River, Fort Montgomery, NY (10.2 miles) 1403.8 miles total

It poured rain last night. Quit about 6AM. Tent still amazes me in ability to keep rain out. Thanks Big Agnes! Just a bit of dampness from floor. Tenting on bare dirt is not good in rain. Bed of leaves or pine needles soak up water.

Tented a couple of miles from lake below.


Can’t be more than 30 miles from NYC. I’d guess closer to 20. This pic is looking toward NYC. Anyone else surprised at this amount of wilderness so close to the city?


Just crossed West Mtn (elev 1137). From here we go down to Seven Lakes Dr (down 500 ft in 1.1 mile) and then 2.4 miles up to Bear Mtn (elev 1305). It’s the peak on left. If you zoom in you can see Perkins Memorial Tower.

unnamed (1)

This morning was a tough climb. Took me 3 hrs to do what normally takes 2. Probably combination of difficulty, wet rocks, and I sucked. Needless to say I’m not look forward to this.

Hudson River flowing to NYC.

unnamed (2)

Bear Mtn climb turned out to be like a superhighway! Apparently a big tourist thing so most of hike up was wide and groomed trail. If the entire AT was like this I’d have been finished a month ago.

Fort Montgomery is the town below on Hudson.

unnamed (3)

This bear has taken over a shelter along trail!

unnamed (4)

The trail goes right through a small zoo. That shelter belongs to the bear. Looks pretty comfy! The bear enclosure is the lowest point on the AT at 177 ft.

Rained a bit after I got to motel. Thundershowers expected next 2 days. We’ll see.

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “July 11

  1. Yeah!! A motel 😀 I know you’ll enjoy the comforts it will provide and that we take for granted.

    I loved your comment about enjoying your life with Kris at the beach house, golf and a good brew. This trip is a true accomplishment!!!


  2. Hi! Last night I went to a lecture on the AT in Warwick. I wish I could have brought you as my prop. Ha ha.
    I am going to join the Conference. They explained how they got all the rocks to form the staircases against Fitzgerald Falls and the ones they are working on at Bear Mountain. I guess they string these boulders on zip lines and drop them in place. Amazing.
    They also discussed how NY is more challenging than most hikers think in terms of ups and downs. There’s been a bunch of bear encounters this week between Stairway to Heaven and Prospect Lookout and it’s got a bunch of people nervous. I think my whistle is going to turn into an air horn now that I can’t take Huck with me anymore.
    Keep on trucking and think of warm sand under your toes every step you take!!! Laure


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