July 12

Day 104 Hudson River to Catfish Tentsite (14.7 miles) 1418.5 miles total

Really hot and humid today. About 85 and 70% humidity. My clothes were drenched in sweat early in the AM and stayed that way all day.

This picture was taken crossing the Hudson. You can get a feel for how steamy it was.

Expecting scattered thunderstorms tomorrow and Friday.  

No laundry at or near last night’s motel. Need to wash clothes soon! Lots of perspiration last couple days. Doesn’t smell too woodsy fresh in my tent right now.

Happy trails!

One thought on “July 12

  1. I am concerned about your water situation. Are you able to have enough on those hot and steamy days. I sure hope so or you could get dehydrated. Hope the rain stays away and comes here, still so very dry. Cooler today so far. 59 when I got up. Stay safe. Love from MOM.


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