July 16

Day 108 AT RR Station to Schaghticoke Mtn Campsite (15.2 miles) 1464.1 miles total

2/3 of the way finished!  Woohoo!!  Mere 726 miles to go.

Sunny day with temp in low 80’s.  Walked a bit through pasture and farm land.  Makes for some fast, easy hiking.


Crossed about 1/2 mile of wetlands on these planks. Can’t move too fast on them as usually wet/slippery. I also have a bit of mistrust as some boards in past have been in tough shape. Bad news if one snaps and you land in that wet, stinky mess.


Finished NY and in to CT now. 9 states down and 5 to go. CT will go fast as only about 48 miles.


After 11 miles today the trail came to a road that led 0.6 miles to a restaurant and market. Sounded good to me. 2 local trail club volunteers were set up in chairs at trailhead. Let me leave my pack with them while I went in for lunch.

Walked through Bulls Bridge. Cool old one-lane covered bridge near Kent, CT. Curios as to year built.


View of the Ten Mile River through a portal in the bridge.


Had a nice lunch at Bulls Bridge Inn. Little fancier than I expected. I was probably a bit under-dressed!

Picked up some tortillas and candy bars at market and then back to trail.


Shooting for Salisbury, CT for next town stop. 36 miles. Hope to be there in 2 days.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “July 16

  1. You should receive some type of passport stamp or … to commemorate each state you have passed through. What a feat!!!


  2. Way to go! Hiked Stairway to Heaven this morning and was sending you good vibes. Glad to hear you are in CT!!!!


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