July 17

Day 109 Schaghticoke Mtn Campsite to CT 4, Cornwall Bridge, CT (14.3 miles) 1478.4 miles total

One thing I should know about this trek by now is that planning is a waste of time. Too many variables (namely weather and injury) that I have no control over.

Was hoping for a few more miles today but humidity has returned and I lost one of my water bottles somewhere.


I’m also dealing with some kind of insect bite (I think) around my left knee. Noticed redness on Th but no pain. Redness has spread a little and now some swelling and knee is sore.

Going to take a zero today to see if that helps knee. If not, may have to try to figure out where to see a medical professional.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “July 17

  1. Pete, It’t Darlene’s mom Joni I’m happy that you are going to seek a professional about you’re bite Where I live they write a news letter every month @ they said there are a lot of ticks in N.J. this year. I’ll keep you in prayer. Sincerely Joni


  2. See a dr. as soon as you can. I don’t like the redness and the swelling. If you can get to a motel you can put some hot packs on the area. I am in Aberdeen so can’t see the log book to know how close to any town you may be. Take care of yourself. Love you, MOM


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