July 18

Day 110 Cornwall Bridge, CT Zero Day 1478.4 miles total

Leg is still a bit swollen but knee is not quite as sore. I’ll be walking tomorrow.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “July 18

  1. Hope you’re feeling better with the bug bite. I wanted you to know that Bull’s Bridge (as it is now) was built in 1842. The original bridge was erected somewhere around 1760 and was used to transport iron ore. Cool stuff. Rock on you crazy hiker.


  2. My suggestion would be to seek medical attention when you get to a city. I am sure it is going to be sore by the time you finish today. Worried about you. Love, MOM


  3. Hey Just Pete! I was behind a few days on your blog and just watched Drew’s video for you and his sweet sister Mae with Jim. This journey is a challenge but we are certain that you are doing it for all of the right reasons! Our prayers are with you number 99 …… you’ve got this!
    Also, AliceJean is right on, you should get some medical attention .
    Jim and Jodi


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