July 19

Day 111 CT 4 to Mt Easter Rd (6.8 miles) 1485.2 miles total

After about 2.5 hours of hiking I stopped at a road crossing to check my leg as soreness now in knee and thigh. More redness. Decided to try to hitch a ride 5 miles to Sharon, CT where there is a hospital.

Started walking toward town. Road was not busy so thinking I may have to walk entire way. After about a mile a local guy, Dave, picked me up. Drove me straight to Emergency Room.

RN took one look at leg and said “Classic bullseye. You have Lyme Disease.”

After a bit, PA came in with student. “Hear you have a classic bullseye.” I replied that I’ve never seen a “classic bullseye” but this isn’t what I would expect a bullseye to look like. Not round and kind of meandering.

After questions around symptoms and some further examination, she concluded that it’s either Lyme or cellulitis. That made me bristle and I said “I don’t have any cellulite!” She explained that cellulitis is actually a skin infection. I’ve got quite a few cuts and scrapes which could lead to that.

They took blood to test but won’t have results for 3 days so she prescribed an antibiotic that will treat both Lyme and Cellulitis. Drew a line around redness. Quite a large area.

They want me to stay around here tomorrow to make sure redness doesn’t spread beyond drawing.

Had a phone number for a B&B in Salisbury. Maria had a room available. Asked where I was. When I told her hospital, she said she’d come pick me up.

Maria is 88 and super nice. She took me to pharmacy and when we got to her house told me to shower then call my wife and mom!

I am actually kind of hoping that test comes back positive for Lyme Disease as would explain general sense of lethargy I’ve felt for last week.

Planning on walking a bit tomorrow and staying another night at Maria’s.

Happy trails!

16 thoughts on “July 19

  1. Has the redness increased? I hope not, but did the PA want to see you again? I am hoping the medication will take care of the problem. Take care of yourself. Rest more if you need to. Love from, MOM


  2. Great and witty content for your book! And add a photo of Maria! Also impressed that you’re going to do some walking today – keep making incremental progress toward the goal!


  3. Pete,
    please, please take care of that. It can be such a serious condition. Don’t wait too long after round od antibiotics to get another Lyme test😐


  4. Ugh, sorry to hear this, Pete. Was worried when you mentioned your symptoms the other day but am glad you got it checked out!

    Rest up and let the antibiotics do their thing — best wishes from all of us here!


  5. Shit. But the Maria thing is comical. Good luck this could take forever to clear up but we’ll see what comes of it. All I know is you’ve got sooo many people thinking and praying for you. You’re blessed to have so many people in your court! God bless!


  6. Pete I think it needs alcohol! Not the rubbing kind. I believe it helps kill the infection. Lol. It can’t hurt to try!


  7. Take good care of yourself my friend..
    If more zero days are necessary to make sure your in the clear then so be it. Maria sounds like a gem. The goal is to finish the trail not the other way around.


  8. Prayers for you! I’ve been enjoying your daily posts since you started! Keep your chin up!
    Grace (Formerly from Aberdeen, SD).

    Sent from my iPhone


  9. Please take care of yourself! You’ll have to get a picture with Maria, she sounds sweet.

    Michelle Hileman


  10. Please take care of yourself! If you need to rest for a week or two we will come and pick you up. Think maybe you need another week at the lake!! 😊🍻
    Seriously though, may need time to heal and regain strength. Please take care! πŸ™


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