July 20

Day 112 Mt Easter Rd to Falls Village, CT (7.1 miles) 1492.3 miles total

Bit less inflammation in leg today. Knee also less sore. Redness has not expanded but I can’t say that it’s decreased yet.


Made a few miles of progress in AM. Spent the afternoon watching British Open. Rooting for Matt Kuchar. His parents live in our hood in Ponte Vedra Beach. Go Kuch!

Hoping to get back to making miles tomorrow. Less than 700 to go.

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “July 20

  1. Take it easy and don’t overdo! Hopefully the medication kicks in and no more bullseye issues! Nice you can still follow golf. Maybe I’ll riot for him too. Just a few degrees of separation 😳


  2. Watch your knee and check to see that it has not gotten more swollen or redder. I didn’t think you were going to hike yesterday. Don’t push yourself and rest as often as you can and take your pills everyday. Love you MOM. Oh guess who we saw at Mike’s today??? Gail and Tom were in W. visiting and they were meeting Dick for lunch there at Mike’s. They look good.


  3. Less than 700 – the proverbial walk (or limp) in the park. I did a really (ok, sort of) fun program with a CPA firm today about taking responsibility, goal-setting and accountability. You may get a few more blog/trip followers. They loved your story – better than the rest of my talk, I think.


  4. I bet it was one of those tiny ticks that got you! sounds like they are a huge problem back there. Reading your blog every day your doing awesome, recover quickly and get back to it.


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