July 21

Day 113 Falls Village, CT to Race Brook Falls Campsite (18.5 miles) 1510.8 miles total

Leg is feeling much better. Very little inflammation and redness has ebbed some…I’m pretty sure. Hard to tell with tan, hair, etc. Was easy to differentiate red area before so I’m assuming that’s good!

Had a view of this body of water for a long time today. This is from Bear Mtn (elevation 2316). First time above 2000 ft since VA.

Pretty sure trail won’t go below 1000 ft again. This is Sages Ravine.

Cross CT off. We’re now in Massachusetts! 9 states down. 4 to go. Yes they’re all more mountainous and more difficult but there’s only 4!

Here’s that body of water again. I’m on Mt Race about 3 miles into MA and looking to east. If any of Mrs. Johnson’s 6th graders from Groton, SD are following this summer, please let me know name of it.

There are some giant spiders out here in the woods. As I type this (on my phone with one finger) one who has about 6″ leg span is walking over outside of tent. I’ve had as many as 8 on tent at once. If you suffer from arachnophobia do not do this.

Hoping for another good mileage day tomorrow.

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “July 21

  1. Glad to see your feeling better.
    The spider thing would freak me out a bit. Not because I’m afraid of them but 6″ leg span? 8 of them? Pribably looking for dinner… Nah… Keep that tent zipper closed😜
    Travel safe!!


  2. So very happy to hear your leg seems to be better. That is a relief for one worried mama. Only 4 states left, yahoo!! Love You, MOM


  3. Sounds like you ar back on track. Hope you have some good bug repellent with deer. Was wondering if in MA you go past Concord or Lexington. Might be neat to see some Revolutionary War sites. Stay strong


  4. I know I’m a little late in commenting and reading but I’m LMAO about t MR.s Johnson’s 6th grader comment. That’s awesome! I hope you received an answer… Happy to read the leg is getting better. Happy trails my friend!


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