July 22

Day 114 Race Brook Falls Campsite to Beartown State Forest (20.1 miles) 1530.9 miles total

Bill Belichick would probably have me listed as Doubtful (shoulder) on the injury report but knee and leg are about 95%. Had to throw the Pats thing in there since I’m in MA!

Bet it took a while and a lot of work to clear those fields from the forest. I’ve seen a couple pastures with sheep, lots of hay land and some corn in those clear areas.

Some times it’s just a walk in the woods.

Water sources have been sketchy (but getting better) for a while. Since beginning of NY there have been several places where Trail Angels will leave jugs of water like this. Added bonus if it’s still cold!

Sometimes I imagine characters while I’m hiking. Keeps the mind occupied. Today I was a Revolutionary War soldier scouting the forests of western MA.

Apparently my character was too early for Shays Rebellion but the last battle was fought here.

I pushed a couple extra miles because was told Greater Barrington, MA was having their 5th annual AT Appreciation Picnic. Free food and hikers are invited.  

There is a lot of volunteer time and labor that goes in to maintaining the trail. This was a gathering of those groups and all their families.

Live music was provided by the Berkshire Ukulele Band. They were quite good and had the audience singing along.

There were about 10 thru-hikers and we were the featured guests. Front of the line privilege for food, incredible raspberry, blackberry, blueberry crisp with ice cream (served to us as appetizer and desert!) and as much food as you can imagine.

Well worth the extra couple miles. Tented right near the picnic.

Next stop is Lee, MA. It’s 20 miles. Will probably hike 13-15 tomorrow and get in early Monday.

Happy trails!

9 thoughts on “July 22

  1. How Awesome.. Happy for once you pushed a bit further.. Any sign of Snails?
    Glad your leg is feeling better. Hopefully not to much climbing in your future so the shoulder can get better. At least your not walking on your hands😜
    Keep on Truckin!!!


  2. Hooray for Trail Magic and water along the way. Glad to hear your knee is getting better, keep taking your medication until it is gone. Sounds like the picnic was great fun. Keep on keepin’ on. Love from, MOM


  3. More great stories for the book!! Hey, Joe’s Diner is a great stop in Lee, MA Great pace these couple days!


  4. High-mileage day but well worth it, sounds like!

    Glad your knee is healing and that it looks like the antibiotics are doing their job. Glad you didn’t wait too long to have that redness checked out and treated — those kinds of infections can go really bad really fast.

    Take care!


  5. Glad your feeling good. Sound optimistic again. Like just Pete always is. Very proud of you! The trail people are angels.


  6. My husband I used to live in Lenox and loved the beauty of the Berkshires so much!! I wish I had kept up real time with this, we know people you could have stayed with and places to recommend to eat!!


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