August 2

Day 125 Baker Peak Tentsite to VT 140 (12.8 miles) 1676.8 miles total

I’ve come across many ponds while hiking through VT. Below is Little Rock Pond. Water is very clear and saw a couple people swimming. I’m going to jump in one of these things eventually.


The weather for hiking has been good last 4 days. Looking like tomorrow will be good also. Then off and on chances of rain for a few days.


Not sure how well this translates in pic, but these are stone cairns. Basically rock statues…lots of them. Doubting I would have patience to make one. At least it puts rocks to some use.


Quite the adventure meeting up with my sherpa. We were to meet at VT 140 at 2. I got there about 1:50…no Skaare. Sat on side of road for about 15 minutes while leaving text and voice messages.

I had skimped on water today so was out of water and quite thirsty. Decided to hitch into Wallingford where we had planned to have lunch.

I ate lunch. Still no word from Skaare. Now I’m getting nervous with all sorts of bad scenarios running through my head. I finally decided to try to get to Rutland so ordered up an Uber.

Shortly thereafter Skaare pulls up. He had no cell service and had been doing trail magic at parking lot 1/4 mile from where I came out of woods. He had been asking other hikers if they had seen me. Finally got a guy, Snowbird, who told him he’d not only seen me but had lunch with me.

By this time I had mentally checked out of hiking mode so didn’t do remaining 6 miles originally planned.

Tomorrow we’re planning on meeting at a gravel road in the middle of nowhere. Wish us luck on that one!

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 2

  1. Trail magic for sherpas too!! Pretty amazing plus, you now have people recognizing you along the way!! Great photos and wonderful story. I look forward to tomorrow’s update Just Pete.


  2. I can imagine how you were wondering where Jerry was. I think it is so nice that he has come to see you. You will have a great time together. You need to take a dip in those lakes that look so clean. Post a picture of you and your sherpa. Love from, MOM Hi to Jerry.


  3. Just Pete…………….Interesting coincidence, for every mile you’ve hiked from the beginning the Stock Market (DOW) has increased an equal amount, @ 1,500 points (20,600 to 22,100). Perhaps you should hike the Continental Trail (3,100 miles) after finishing the AT ?? Enjoy your Sherpa time. “EarlyBird”


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